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We & Thee

Carolina Friends School publishes a twice-annual magazine about the CFS community, including staff, students, alumni, and parents.

Winter 2021

In our latest issue, we share windows into our teaching and learning this school year, marked by adaptations due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read as our students model courage and gratitude and as our teachers reimagine what is possible. You can learn about Carolina Friends School's new visual identity, read about our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work, and get the latest updates on our learning community. 

View By Feature

Building On The Past, Looking Forward

The process to form our new visual identity.

Making Our Way To The Peace Bench

A personal account of navigating personal and political conflict.

The Origin Of A Name

Learn the radical intent behind "we and thee."

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Updates

New curriculur programs and a trustee committee. 

Encouraging Youth Political Involvement

Teaching civic engagement during an election.

It's Never Too Late

Picking up virtual piano lessons in retirement.