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Veracross Family Portal FAQ

For the convenience of our parents and guardians, we try to gather as much information in our secure, online Family Portal as possible. The portal is connected to Veracross, our admission and student record database. New or updated forms, links, and documents are added throughout the year, as available. If you experience technical difficulties or have suggestions for portal content, please email

Accessing the Portal

You can find a link to the portal at the bottom of every page on our website and also on the "Families" landing page. You may also enter the url in your browser:

User ID

  • Each eligible parent or guardian is registered by the School, and will receive a welcome email through Veracross containing the individual’s User ID.
  • If you have forgotten your User ID, click on “Can’t access your account?” found on the portal login screen. You will be prompted to enter your email address. You should receive an email from Veracross shortly with your User ID. The email address you enter must be your primary email shared with the School.

Creating or Changing Your Password

  • Only you can create or update your password.
  • To do so, on the portal login screen, enter your User ID and then click on “Can’t access your account?” found below the “Submit” button.
  • You should receive shortly an email containing a link to setup or change your password.
  • You can click “Can’t access your account?” at any time in the future, and you will receive an email with a reminder of your User ID or the link to change your password.

What Will I Find in the Portal?

The home screen of the Parent Portal contains links to: Directories, Magnus Health, TADS, and frequently needed phone numbers. In the top right, you will see an envelope icon for "Messages." This takes you to an archive of all emails sent from Carolina Friends School staff through group distribution lists. You will also see tabs that correspond to the below sections.

You will also see information related to your student(s). For students in Early and Lower School, limited information will be on display. For Middle and Upper School students, academic documents, course schedules and lists of other students in their courses will be available after families and students receive that information at the start of the term.

  • Note: in the My Household tab, if you have chosen for your student’s information to be “Hidden” in the “Student Directory” column, your child will not appear in course lists visible to other parents/guardians.

My Household

This tab allows you to review and edit your contact information, submit changes in Household status, and review and adjust your Directory preferences. It contains the following sub-sections:

Update Household Profile
This section is where you will find contact and family information. You may submit changes directly, and they will be approved in the system within two business days.

Medical Profile
We are not currently using this module. 
Medical and immunization records should be submitted using Magnus Health.

Directory Preferences
The settings in this section allow you to adjust what information about your student(s) and your household are available to other families through our secure Parent Portal using the Directories tab or our online carpool map — see below. Keeping your personal information confidential is very important to us, and know that we would not share that with anyone outside the School.
We ask that you use caution in adjusting these settings. 

Student Directory Preferences
This column adjusts what information about your student will appear to other families. Hiding your student information by switching the toggle button from “visible” to “hidden” will mean other families will not be able to see your child in unit or course lists, or be able to contact you by searching for your child. 
We do not currently provide students with User IDs to Veracross or maintain a Student Directory searchable by other students.

Household Directory Preferences
This column adjusts information, including contact information, about your Household that will appear in the all-school Household Directory or unit-specific directories. Hiding your household information by switching the toggle button from “visible” to “hidden” will mean other families will not be able to find you or any information about you in the online directory or our carpool map.
You can adjust what specific information (address, phone number, email, etc.) appears to other families through the secure Parent Portal by clicking within the category.


  • In this tab, you will be able to access Household Directories — either by unit or all-school — and the Staff Directory. This information is dynamically generated and will contain any updates that families or the School have made to Household records. 
  • Note that student names will be followed by information in parentheses — Veracross records students by a listed grade level, rather than our School’s nomenclature. 
  • You may use the search field to look for an individual.
  • In addition to viewing these directories online, they can be downloaded as PDF files using the “Download Directory (PDF)” link underneath the search bar.

School Forms & Info

In this tab, you will have access to forms needed to volunteer (including acting as a trip chaperone or driver), as well as unit-specific schedules, handbooks, forms, and other documents.

Family Handbook

In this tab, you will find a link to the all-school Family Handbook. For the 2021-2022 school year, this also includes information related to COVID-19 response and protocols.

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