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Magnus Health FAQ

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Second Signature
Access to Printers
Can I complete these requirements on a phone?
Immunization Due Dates
11 Requirements? Geez!
Why is it asking me about allergies twice?
Emergency contacts in Magnus Health
I can’t see the PDFs

I forgot my username and/or password!

Navigate to Magnus’ site ( on a computer. Click the “Having trouble logging in?” that’s in blue text under the Login button. Select “Username” or “Password” depending on which you’ve forgotten and follow their directions; if you’ve forgotten both, start with Username. 

How do we submit a second signature?

If your student has more than one legal guardian, there are a few forms that require each guardian to sign. In order to supply a second signature, the additional guardian must log in to Magnus using their credentials.

Some forms require me to print them before signing. I don’t have a printer. What should I do?

Please let us know! We have paper forms in the Center building that are available for pick up. Once completed, submit these through your Magnus portal either by scanning or simply taking a picture with your phone.

Can I complete these requirements on a phone?

Sort of, although we highly recommend using a browser on a laptop or desktop. Some requirements can easily be completed using the smartphone application (for iPhones, the app is called Magnus Mobile v2; for Androids, it’s called Magnus Health). However Magnus is still addressing a number of glitches, which means certain features don’t work as anticipated. 

When do I need to submit a new immunization record?

A new immunization record is required for new students, 5 year olds, 7th graders, 12th graders, and whenever there are updates to the immunization record. 

It’s telling me I have 11 requirements to complete… that seems like a lot!

It does seem like a lot! As you work through the requirements, we hope that it’s less daunting than it might first appear. A number of these requirements are simply yes/no answers, or reading a paragraph and submitting an e-signature. Additionally, a portion will only need to be submitted once--next year will require fewer requirements. We sincerely appreciate any patience you can lend!

Why is it asking me about allergies twice?

Good question! Unfortunately, we need to ask this question twice: once to capture all the information the state requires us to supply about our students, and a second time in order to create a tracker for students with allergies. This tracker will allow our school nurse to quickly and efficiently administer treatment to students. We’re working with Magnus to remove this redundancy and appreciate your patience!

Our emergency contacts are already in Veracross. Do we need to submit them to Magnus as well?

Yes! Because Magnus is our health and emergency hub, it is necessary for your emergency contacts to be recorded there. Magnus and Veracross are working to address this redundancy.

Some requirements ask me to sign — but I’m not presented with the PDF! Where is it?

First, try using a different browser! Options may include Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Mac).

If you’re using Chrome and want to solve the problem, then follow these steps:

  1. Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings 
  2. Scroll down and click ‘Additional Content Settings’
  3. PDF Documents - Turn off “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome”

If problems persist, email the Tech Team at

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