A Pre-K to Grade 12 Independent Quaker Day School Serving the Greater Durham-Chapel Hill Area

Endowment Report

Totals as of July 1, 2018


John Baird Tuition Aid Fund – tuition aid to qualifying families who cannot pay full tuition$2,015,946
Diversity Fund – tuition aid to make the student body more inclusive$240,245
Friends Meetings’ Tuition Aid Fund – tuition assistance for children of qualified families who attend the Durham and Chapel Hill Friends Meetings$155,153
Gerry Gourley Fund – student financial assistance and diversity aid funding$94,507
Helen and Paul Rudloff Fund – tuition aid to qualifying families who cannot pay full tuition$118,522


Herb and Betty Ellis Fund – an annual personal leave day for full-time staff$22,862
Jenny Hall Fund – personal renewal and personal development activities for full-time staff$168,430
Rebecca Ikenberry Fund – will help provide a staff bonus each year
Mildred and Arthur Ringwalt Fund – supports staff salaries$78,490
Edith and Lloyd Smith Fund – diversity among the staff$439,322
Staff Aid Fund – tuition reduction in special circumstances for staff members and deceased staff members who have children enrolled at CFS$40,889
Don Wells Fund – our primary staff salaries endowment and one of our earliest endowments


Dance Program Fund – supports the dance program
Kaia Parker Dance Fund enrichment for CFS dance students$42,614
Teachers of Mathematics Fund – salary support for math teachers$77,682
Teachers of Science Fund – salary support for science teachers$39,719
Teachers of World Languages Fund – salary support for teachers of world languages$259,738
Athletic Endowment Fund - sports curriculum support$63,040


Pat Dalton Fund for Middle School Teachers – salary support$36,722
Margaret Gee Fund – purchases of supplies for the Early Schools$105,596
Rocco Trisolini Fund Upper School program support$73,713
Upper School Service Learning Program Fund – End-of-Year and other service learning programs$95,749


Advancement Fund – enhance the School as an institution$150,901
Gym Maintenance Fund – gymnasium building maintenance$591,039
Maintenance Fund – major repairs and improvements to the buildings and grounds$1,984,339
Mimi Schmidt-Nielsen Fund – benefits individuals, especially in situations unforeseen in the normal operating activities of the School$346,941
Technology Endowment – continues the thoughtful integration of technology to support the School’s mission$151,544

ENDOWMENT TOTAL: $12,966,171