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Carolina Friends School

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Week 5: July 19 - 23

All courses are dependent on minimum enrollment.

When enrollment is within three students from full capacity, we'll indicate the number of remaining spots next to the title of the course or that the class is waitlisted. CampInTouch always has real-time numbers as you move through the enrollment process. We can have movement on waitlists right up to the day before a session starts. Spaces Remaining last updated: 2:30 pm on 7/18/21.

Here are pdf tools you may find helpful in comparing options across weeks:

Happy exploring!

Personalized Camps

This year, we are offering customized weekly experiences for groups of 6-10 students.

Bring Your Pod!

Register via CampInTouch

Questions about summer? We're here to help!

919.383.6602 ext. *263