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Carolina Friends School

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Male-Identifying Teachers of Young Children

In the 2000s, Carolina Friends hosted a conference for male-identifying teachers of children in pre-schools and elementary schools. That incredible experience and the relative lack of other supports for this group of educators in the years since call us to another such gathering in Spring or Fall 2024.

It's going to be a powerful day of connection, rejuvenation, and joy

Intrigued? If so, we’d love to have you be part of this immersive experience as a planner, presenter, and/or participant.

Please indicate your interest through this brief Google form so we can stay in touch as details are finalized.

The Institute foR Teaching and Learning

A Global Resource and Exemplar for Child-Centered Education

For almost six decades, Carolina Friends has pioneered and modeled educational practices that honor the authentic voice of children in their own learning.

The Institute for Teaching and Learning offers exciting opportunities for students, educators and other adults, and families within and beyond the Carolina Friends School community through five content strands: Extended Learning, Global Programs, Peaceful Schools, Professional Development, and the Innovation Incubator. 

Programs and services to help teaching professionals hone their craft include conferences, workshops, coaching, mentoring, and study trips.

The Beloved Community Journey

a 5-10 March 2024 civil rights and social justice bus tour of the South for educators and other adults

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The Quaker Journey

a 23-30 June 2024 trip exploring the roots of Quakerism in England's Lake District for educators and other adults

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