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Early Learners Program

Young children running down a path

Our longstanding Early Learners program includes a course each session for Weeks 1-7 for four and five-year-olds.

These offerings are generally led by current and former early education teachers, with early childhood experience and expertise. They are assisted by a CIT and Intern each week.

Joining the Waitlist

Family plans do change between enrollment and Summer and we're glad to contact a waitlist family right up to the start of a course.

Options for Five-Year-Olds

The age range for some of our classes for older students, held elsewhere on campus, begins at five — view our weekly courses for more information.

Our Day

Early Learners classes run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Extended Day care (in a mixed grouping with students up to age eight) is available from 8:00 to 9:00 am and from 3:00 to 4:00/5:45 pm.

Our Environment

Classes take place at our Main Campus early childhood center (Campus Early School), with colorful indoor spaces and beautiful, fenced outdoor play areas. plus access to our 126-acre campus of woods, fields, and stream.

Our Early Learners classes tend to fill very quickly (even within hours of registration opening). We apologize if you end up in a waitlist situation. We will continue to brainstorm ways to enable more young children to enjoy CFS Summer Programs.

Week 1 (June 19-23): Wacky Water Week - Williette Zigbuo | Waitlist

Water, water, everywhere! Activities will revolve around exploration with water, science experiments, and adventures in small pools and our on-campus creek. Children create beaches, relax, and have fun!

Week 2 (June 27- July 1): Design and Engineering - Williette Zigbuo | Waitlist

We put the excitement in S.T.E.M. education. Children dive into age-appropriate, inquiry-based, hands-on-learning through FUN designing and constructing activities using Legos, blocks, Thinker Linkers, and more!

Week 3 (July 3-7): Cool Cryptids - Adrienne Flippin | Waitlist

Cryptids are interesting creatures that may or may not exist, like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, fairies, and more! We will spend this week reading about these creatures and making crafts inspired by them. We may even make some cryptid discoveries of our own!

Week 4 (July 10-14): Woodland Fairies - Stella Bowers | Waitlist

Campers will explore life as fairies know it during this week! We will learn all about fairies this week and create jewelry, fairy wands, pressed flower ornaments, and a fairy house. We will read books, have tea parties, dance to music, color and paint, and do special fairy crafts. This camp will nurture a love for exploring the outdoors and teach children to look for small signs of life that exist all around us.

Week 5 (July 17-21): Art of Nature - Olivia Wroth | Waitlist

This week, we will explore the relationship between nature and art! As a group, we will go on nature walks and collect materials for our art projects. The art projects will be process art! I am excited to see what the campers will create with the materials that they find. We will learn about nature not only through art but also through books by authors like Eric Carle.

Week 6 (July 25-29): Let's Groove - Olivia Wroth | Waitlist

Come join us for a week of grooving to the beat and moving our feet! This camp will give campers the chance to make music, learn different dance styles, and have all kinds of rhythmic fun. You won’t want to miss a beat of the fun!

Week 7 (July 31- Aug 4): Storytime Magic - Olivia Wroth | Waitlist

Do you love fairytales? Then now is your chance to dive deep into some enchanting tales. We’ll compare and contrast different versions of fairy tale classics, write our very own fairytales, and play games inspired by our favorite stories!