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Holiday Program

Merry and Bright: Holiday Traditions and Trivia

7:00-8:00 pm, Saturday 19 December 2020

Grab your mug of hot chocolate, settle in by the tree, and unwrap a holiday present from Carolina Friends School, Merry and Bright: Holiday Traditions and Trivia

  • Why should we thank 19th-century South Carolina Congressman Joel Poinsett each December?
  • Where is our "nation's Christmas tree?" [Hint: It's probably not where you think it is!]
  • When and how did the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree tradition begin? And what happens to the tree after Christmas?
  • Why is a spider a popular Christmas ornament in some Eastern European homes?
  • What popular Christmas tune may actually have been written for Thanksgiving?

Enjoy a brisk and colorful illustrated journey through various historical and other aspects of Christmas, with a bit of attention to Hanukkah as well; test your holiday IQ with some fun trivia questions; and leave the hour feeling all the more festive!

This event is free and open to anyone in and beyond the Carolina Friends community. Adults may find the program most compelling, but children of all ages are welcome!