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Embodied Perception

The Nervous System and The Senses

There is no age limit to learning and living with purpose. Our Adult Enrichment opportunities vary from guided travel across the country and globe to exploring movement and more right here at home.

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Schedule: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm |  Saturday 27 April

Course Description: This experiential anatomy workshop focuses on touch, perception, and ways of accessing both gravity and space in the body.

We will explore our nervous systems, proprioception, the richness of the senses, and ways of expanding our awareness of space through the use of props and imagery. Often, as human beings, we develop a preconceived notion of how our body moves and end up missing the reality of the body we are living in at this moment in time. Through a variety of movement explorations, conversations, and tactile feedback we’ll practice attuning to the body we are in right now.

We will be working individually, with partners, and collectively to cultivate a collaborative spirit and to tap into the wisdom of the group. 

For participants who have taken previous workshops with Annie and Leah, this iteration will continue to build on the awareness of the whole body being connected, just through a different lens.

And for folks who are new, welcome! No previous movement or anatomy experience is needed, and our last group ranged in age from 23 to 88! 

Dress comfortably and participate either sitting in a chair or standing and traveling through the space. Please bring a water bottle, a yoga mat if you want it, a notebook and writing implement, and your curiosity! We'll also have an optional brown-bag lunch and debriefing afterwards.

Questions? Please email Annie at

Location: Center Building Dance Studio | Carolina Friends School


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