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Carolina Friends School

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Exploring the Body You Inhabit

Experiential Anatomy for Adults & Older Teens (18+)

There is no age limit to learning and living with purpose. Our Adult Enrichment opportunities vary from guided travel across the country and globe to exploring movement and more right here at home.

Schedule: 9:00 - 11:30 am | 2 Saturdays: April 15,  April 22 (attend one or both)

Course Description: As we age our bodies are constantly changing. No matter what physical activity we are exploring, it is helpful to be able to sense details about how your body moves and to visualize the inside of your body. It is the place you live, but just like your home it changes every day. 

The first Saturday of this workshop will be about alignment of the body, walking, running, changing levels in space, falling, and creating space in the spine. We will work on our relationship with gravity and space.

The second Saturday will be about the upper body stretching, breathing, freeing the ribcage, jiggling, lifting, carrying, and creating space in the spine.  

We'll explore simple practices that you can incorporate into your day to promote efficient movement. We'll look at the bones and connective tissues and study our own unique physical structure. 

Dress comfortably and participate either sitting in a chair or standing and traveling through the space. Bring a journal to record your findings, a water bottle, and a snack. . 

We will explore whether we wish to go deeper into this idea of visualizing the body in future workshops. 

Questions? Please email Annie at

Location: Center Building Dance Studio | Carolina Friends School


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