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Beloved Community Journey

Exploring Civil Rights Struggles, Past and Present, in the South

Because of COVID-19, we've postponed the 2020 Journey to Summer 2023. If you'd like us to keep you updated on this or other trips, please complete this brief notification form. 

This six-day/five-night experience is open to individuals within and beyond the CFS community, including educators in schools and colleges as well as Friends meeting members and other interested adults.

Experience civil rights history in Atlanta, Tuskegee, Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham; explore contemporary issues of race in our country; and meet change-agents working to make a difference.

On our comfortable charter bus, enjoy music of the movement, see documentaries and film clips, and learn from our experienced tour leaders (a long-time historian and an award-winning film-maker).

Be educated. Be challenged. Be inspired. By where we go, by what we learn, by whom we encounter--and by your fellow travelers.

Here's a one-page flyer you can share with a friend.

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