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Carolina Friends School

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American Musical Journey 2026

Picture of Civil Right mural from Carolina Friends School's Civil Rights Bus Tour

Memphis + Mississippi

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Spring 2026

This experience is open to individuals within and beyond the CFS community, including educators in schools and colleges as well as Friends meeting members and other curious adults.

This six-day, five-night trip explores the connections between race and the rich musical history and traditions--blues, gospel, country, rock, jazz, R&B, soul, and more--in Memphis and Mississippi.

We'll fly in and out of Memphis and use a comfortable charter bus during our stay. We'll also enjoy distinctive cuisine from local places like The Rendezvous, serving barbecue since 1948.

We'll search out live music (on Beale Street and beyond) and meet music historians and performers.

And, if we're lucky, we might be able to catch a special musical event (for example, Clarksdale's Birthplace of American Music Festival or Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival).

Be educated. Be challenged. Be inspired. Be empowered.

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Journey Itinerary

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Until we reckon with history, we’re not going to be free. I think there’s something better waiting for us that we can’t get to until we talk honestly about our past. 

Bryan Stevenson, Founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, Montgomery; Author of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption