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Adult Enrichment

There is no age limit to learning and living with purpose. Our Adult Enrichment opportunities vary from guided travel across the country and globe to exploring movement and more right here at home.

Travel Opportunities

Beloved Community Tour:
Exploring Civil Rights Struggles, Past and Present, in the South

Experience civil rights history in Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, and Tuskegee; explore contemporary issues of race in our country; and meet change-agents working to make a difference. Details

Quaker Journey:
Exploring the Roots of Quakerism in England's Lake District

Find adventure, learning, and reflection in community as we retrace the 17th-century footsteps of George Fox, founder of the Religious Society of Friends--and of Margaret Fell, an early supporter and later his wife--through the beautiful Lake District of northern England. Details

A group of students in front of a martin luther king mural

Music Lessons

Explore our music lessons for adults.

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Ask about upcoming and potential opportunities you'd like to join or lead.

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