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Carolina Friends School

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Learn with Purpose

Two students sit on a bench overlooking wooded path

Everything we do is in service of creating a better, more just world. At Carolina Friends School, we support each other — students and adults — to develop and to become our best selves, as scholars, as humans, and as members of a network of communities.

Through deep inquiry and self-reflection, students expand their outlooks and understandings and develop a love of learning. When they apply that knowledge to seek solutions to real-world challenges, they are empowered to be a force for good.

Seeking a life of purpose is integral to a Carolina Friends School education. Inspired by Quaker values, we act ethically, resolve conflict peacefully, build community, and inspire each other to take action. Our students graduate as grounded, courageous young adults who are motivated to create a better, more just world.

Students in front of a civil rights mural

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We foster curiosity in all forms! Our enrollment team is ready to answer any questions you have.

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A particular kind of silence became, over the years, a familiar and welcome sound to me — one that allows the mind to decipher the messages the heart quietly telegraphs to it and gives space for contemplation. Linda Belans, Alumni Parent and Former Staff