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Carolina Friends School

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College Counseling

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Don't let a single moment define you — our college counseling program aims to help each student prepare for and succeed in their life beyond Carolina Friends School.

Each student’s post-graduation search process is an individual one, and our College Counselor is here to help students and families navigate every step along the way. 

There’s a saying in college counseling: college is a match to be made, not a prize to be won. We believe the most crucial part of this process is finding the school that will be the best fit, inside and outside the classroom, for each student. Around 97% of our graduates attend the college or university of their choice — from large research universities to more intimate liberal arts colleges.

Through individual counseling with the student and family, informative programs, and school visits by college representatives, we strive to help students identify the colleges or other programs that best suit their interests. Students are guided through all aspects of the college application process, from developing a college list and writing their essays to completing their applications and financial aid forms.

General Guidelines for College Preparation

Authentic Assessment and College Admissions

Curious how college admissions works for our students? Watch the videos below to learn about the advantage of our authentic assessments, what information colleges see, and why it all works for our students.

Information for College Reps

Our Assessment

Learn about our detailed, holistic narrative assessments for learning and growth.

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