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Upper School

The Upper School at Carolina Friends strives to be a learning community rooted in Quaker values where teenagers can find and create a safe place for the exploration of themselves and the world. 

We believe that students have meaningful thoughts to express, and real lives to lead, right now. It’s our mission to help each one to find a voice and a path. Students are empowered to be co-creators of their educational experience, joining their teachers in a partnership that fosters the sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas.

This sense of collaboration pervades our curriculum; through increasingly challenging and varied course offerings, we seek not just good answers, but good questions and fresh insights. Custom scheduling allows individual students to move at their own pace and level while focusing on a favorite discipline or sampling a range of new experiences.

We believe that a child’s secondary education experience should challenge them to develop the critical thinking, reading, and problem-solving skills that not only prepare students for life beyond graduation, but also for participation in the world as active agents right now. We entrust them with the responsibility to be the stewards of their own community.

Questions and conflict are not feared. Throughout my education at Carolina Friends School, arts, scholarship, and social justice were integrated; they were never discrete entities but interconnected aspects of the same process. Alison Kibbe '08



Student-organized extracurrciular clubs


Teams in 8 sports


Graduates who attend colleges or universities of their choice

Learn with Purpose

Discover how our Quaker values inspire us to learn and live with purpose.

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Lauren Brownlee

Lauren Brownlee

Upper School Head Teacher