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When students receive meaningful and specific feedback on their work and about their learning, they are more able to challenge themselves to grow, improve, and reach their highest potential.

Rather than letter grades, Carolina Friends School provides a far more comprehensive and rigorous approach to student assessment through narrative reports that summarize each student’s social, emotional, and academic progress. Our assessments are rooted in our knowledge of developmentally-appropriate learning goals and national standards.

Instead of designing our curriculum to meet the needs of a mandated test, we design it to meet the needs of our students and to help them question the world around them, discover their passions, think deeply, and use their voices in service of the greater good.

Our staff are here to be your child's best advocate, to help students identify for themselves their growing edges, hold them accountable to those goals, and provide the support they need to reach them. 

This is what education should be: individual and child focused, teachers are respected and beloved, the curriculum is creative and thoughtful. Everyone plays to their strengths.  Rules are value-based, clearly stated, and taken seriously. The children grow up to be engaged, thoughtful, independent thinkers.

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Higher Learning

We prepare students for lifelong learning and provide the tools they need to attend the college or university of their choice

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