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Children Are More Than a Number

Children, like many of us, are too often put in boxes. 

At Carolina Friends School, we believe everyone deserves to be heard and have a seat at the table. We embrace diverse perspectives and lived experiences, and we honor the dignity, worth and uniqueness of every member of our community. 

We build deep relationships and use conflict as an opportunity to learn, grow, and understand one another. Our strong, supportive community provides a solid foundation based on respect, empathy, and compassion for our children, staff, and families. Our students graduate as confident and capable community builders and world-changers, ready to succeed in all aspects of life. All while maintaining a high commitment to protecting students' physical and mental health.


We're a pre-k to grade 12 Quaker school.



Our students learn and live with purpose.



We were the first intentionally integrated school in the state.



Our tuition range supports the needs of families.