A Pre-K to Grade 12 Independent Quaker Day School Serving the Greater Durham-Chapel Hill Area

Service Learning

The call to service is one of the Quaker-inspired values we put front and center in our mission statement and into action at every level.

Founded by a group of visionary educators, we have always recognized the place of our campus community in the wider world and embraced the goal of making that world a better one.

Service to the community, through informed action, is built into the program of each of our units. Outward-facing service appears in Early Schoolers collecting donations for the local food bank and Lower School students accepting a Maker challenge to create a specialized chair for someone with specific needs. It is also illustrated as Middle Schoolers plan a bike-a-thon to raise funds for environmental stewardship and Upper Schoolers lobby on Capitol Hill prepared with research on issues like the environment and healthcare. These are just a tiny fraction of the many local and global projects driven by our students and staff. We are so grateful to our community partners and partner organizations (as near as Habitat for Humanity and as far as the Crees Foundation in Peru) who help us transform ideas for change into actions of impact.

Our students also serve within our campus community. Early Schoolers help build a walled campus garden; Lower Schoolers take on weekly responsibilities through their class’s service rotation; Middle Schoolers help clean and maintain our running trail; Upper Schoolers paint an outdoor mural.

At Carolina Friends School, our aims are ambitious: to prepare our students to find success in higher learning, to lead lives of fulfillment, and to put their talents to work for the benefit of others.

I see the School's lasting impact in the lives of my children. They each see the world as something we need to care for, inspired by a sense of social and environmental justice. Nikki Vangsnes, alum parent and trustee