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College Counseling

The College Counseling Office at Carolina Friends School helps students to explore their various and diverse post-graduation options.

Rooted in the tenet of the School's philosophy of respecting each individual’s uniqueness, we recognize that there is no set path or framework that works for every student. Rather, each student’s post-graduation search process is an individual one.

There’s a saying in college counseling: college is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.

With over 4,000 post-secondary institutions in the United States and countless more overseas, finding that match is a daunting task. It certainly would be easier to simply pull a list of “top ranked” schools, apply, and hope for the best. But that would skip the most crucial part of this process: finding the school that will be the best fit, inside and outside the classroom, for each student. Our College Counselor, Stefan Waldschmidt, is here to facilitate that process and serve as a resource throughout that journey.

Through individual counseling with the student and family, informative programs, and school visits by college representatives, Stefan strives to help students identify the colleges or other programs that best suit their interests. Students are guided through all aspects of the college application process from developing a college list and writing their essays to completing their applications and financial aid forms.

General Calendar of Post-Secondary Prep

Fall Spring
9th grade • Chillax and build your community in the Upper School • Parent night for 9th/10th graders
• Naviance access to About Me & Careers tabs
10th grade • PSAT recommended
• Career exploration
• Parent night for 9th/10th graders
• Career exploration
11th grade • Naviance access to Colleges tab
• PSAT strongly recommended
• College rep visits
• College exploration
• Junior parent night
• Junior meetings
• SAT/ACT, Subject Tests
• Start building college lists
• College tours
• Sign up for Common App
• Start looking for merit $
12th grade • Senior meetings & parent night
• College rep visits
• College tours
• Finalize college list
• Apply!
• SAT/ACT, Subject Tests
• Gap year or nah?
• FAFSA, merit $, et al.
• Acceptance letters!
• Admitted student days
• Enroll!
• Gap year or nah?
• Keep looking for merit $
• Graduation!

Information for College Reps

Meet Our College Counselor

Stefan Waldschmidt

Stefan Waldschmidt

College Counselor