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Student Support

In the Middle School, parents of students with identified learning differences or special needs have an introductory meeting with the Middle School Learning Specialist, Anna Lynch, who serves as the liaison or “point person” for information about special needs.

An accommodations plan is developed for individual students based upon recommendation from the psycho-educational evaluations provided by parents. Further conversations take place between parents and each student’s advisor.

Accommodations that might be considered, within limits, include:

  • preferential seating
  • checking of assignment books, advance notice of some assignments
  • use of a calculator
  • use of a word processor for writing assignments
  • opportunity to use another student’s notes or teacher’s notes if available
  • permission to record a class
  • access to audiobooks
  • modification of assignments or due dates, possibly including alternate texts or demonstrations of competence
  • extended time or alternate location for tests
  • behavioral contracts

Some students require more specialized instruction beyond the accommodations outlined above. For these students, the Middle School offers small classes with a 4:1 ratio taught by the Learning Specialist and other qualified staff. These classes are offered with additional tuition and are designed to support students with more significant learning needs such as dyslexia or significant ADHD.

Meet the Middle School Learning Specialist

Student Success Program

Carolina Friends School contracts with professional tutors and coaches to provide services to our students on our campus both during the school day and after school. Student Success staff members have had background checks and are experienced in their respective fields.

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