A Pre-K to Grade 12 Independent Quaker Day School Serving the Greater Durham-Chapel Hill Area


Our Middle School believes in the value of community experience, wants students to begin participating as members of their own school community, and greatly values student ideas.

Whole-group experiences are incorporated into the schedule on a regular basis. Time is set aside for community group meetings that provide an opportunity for students to generate ideas and concerns which affect the group as a whole. In this experience, students carry the discussions, help problem-solve, and learn about the process of coming to consensus. Sometimes this group meeting is not a discussion experience, but an audience experience, as people are invited to come and share their talents, skills, and interests with the School. Students are thus able to learn about being an audience and to hear from people whose experience extends the scope of the School.

Our Middle Schoolers are also important members of the Carolina Friends School larger learning community. In addition to sharing our wooded, 126-acre campus our Middle School students also engage with younger and older students in a variety of ways, whether it is reading fairy tales of their own creation to Early Schoolers, performing a musical for an audience of Lower Schoolers, or sharing graphic novels with Upper Schoolers in the library.

group of students coloring together on a sheet of paper

Leaving Your Mark

Each year the Middle School staff and students work together as a community to create a Community Agreement that defines basic rules and expectations. Each Advisee Group reads and discusses the agreements, and then each community member shows their commitment to these expectations by signing, often with a thumbprint. Upholding and living by the shared Community Agreement is taken very seriously, and is one of the ways in which we live our Quaker values.