A Pre-K to Grade 12 Independent Quaker Day School Serving the Greater Durham-Chapel Hill Area


The pre-adolescent and early adolescent is at a sometimes delightful, sometimes frustrating age. Our Middle School philosophy, as a result, takes into consideration the very complex nature of our approximately 145 students, ages 10 through 14.

We affirm the value and worth of each individual and the necessity for a flexible yet firm approach to each individual relationship.

We especially affirm that all learning experiences are educational; thus we do not create a false dichotomy between what is academic and what is non-academic.

We integrate the knowledge students need and want with the skills they also need and want in order best to handle that knowledge.

The best preparation for life for Middle Schoolers is to help them appreciate the relevance and the integration of their learning, their skills, and their lives, and to help them grow in understanding the importance of responsibility in the human community.

We go above and beyond in each and every subject with the support and encouragement of our teachers. They teach us more than content. They teach us how to be productive while at the same time finding balance in our lives. They teach us that it is possible for us to change the world. emma, Middle School student

Adolescent Issues Forum

A small group of students discusses the system of bullying while another listens to a guest speaker break down popular love songs. Adolescent Issues Forum is a day and a half of conference style workshops designed to give students a chance to dig more deeply into their most important work, that of being an adolescent. Workshops vary and offer topics like body image, managing stress, how to deal with grief, and digital citizenship. LifeTalks 2.0, offered every year to all first, second, and third year students, answers common questions about physical changes typically happening in Middle School.