A Pre-K to Grade 12 Independent Quaker Day School Serving the Greater Durham-Chapel Hill Area


Our Lower School curriculum provides an enriching education for the whole child, nurturing the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of every student.

The curriculum draws on the developmental theories of Jean Piaget, Vygotsky's understanding of the social construction of knowledge, and Howard Gardner's insights on multiple intelligences.

Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

Small groups of approximately ten students and one teacher work intensively to build a strong foundation in the skills of verbal and quantitative literacy key to future learning.

Depth, Breadth, and Richness

The curriculum spans and often integrates substantive experiences within science, social studies, Spanish, technology, physical education, creative movement, art, and music.

Individual Focus

Teachers take care in shaping instructional approaches to recognize each child's strengths and needs, offering added enrichment, challenge, or support as appropriate.

Social and Emotional Learning

Equally as important as academic learning needs, our rigorous social and emotional curriculum guides children to work with and support one another, develop peaceful conflict resolution skills, and make use of mindfulness-based practices.

Subject Areas

Thick and Thin Questions

Nurturing inquisitive and curious learners means guiding them toward open-ended questions that lead to unfolding paths of discovery. To foster this, we teach our children to think beyond "yes or no" questions, to questions of real resonance and challenge.