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CIT Program

Leadership Training and Hands-On Experience

Ages 13 to 15

8:00/8:15 am to 3:00 pm
(optional free CIT drop-off as early as 8:00 am)

$135 per session

Do you enjoy interacting with children? Do you love summer camp? Are you willing to work hard? To be a positive and helpful assistant to a teacher? Serving as a CIT could be a fun way to spend some of your summer!

Our CITs gain real work experience and an opportunity to practice leadership skills learned in our Leadership Challenge course (offered Weeks 1, 4, and 8 in 2019). You're assigned to a different program matching your interests and skills as much as possible. You won't be placed in programs serving your same age, although you're welcome to take the workshop as a student. And, indeed, some students take courses some weeks and come as CITs other weeks.

Your day begins at 8:15 am (8:00 on Monday) with a meeting where you, fellow CITs, and our CIT/Intern Coordinator engage in leadership activities, role-playing exercises, class debriefings, and preparation to facilitate our all-program morning meeting at 9:00 am. There, our CITs, depending on their interests and strengths, share announcements, lead an ice-breaker song or activity, and emcee the occasional talent show.

For the rest of the day, you're generally with the class to which you've been assigned. You will have some clean-up responsibility around the Gym cafe after lunch, which also offers another check-in opportunity with the CIT/Intern Coordinator and your peers to share challenges and successes.

We work with you as you practice leading groups of children and follow directions from your mentor teacher. We check in with you during the day to make sure you're on the right track, listen to your input, and support your work. By the end of the week, we hope you will feel confident in your own leadership and problem-solving skills, that you will have developed a sense of your own leadership style, and that you will have learned some new skills from your mentors. We hope you'll find your service valuable both as tangible experience and for your resume. In the words of one past counselor-in-training, "I want to be an elementary school teacher, which I figured out partly through my work as a CIT."

The CIT Program requires a minimum commitment of two weeks, but they don't need to be consecutive. Peruse the course offerings and choose the classes where you might like to be an assistant. Please include a rank-ordered list of your preferences in your letter of interest.

Parents needing Extended Day care as late as 5:45 pm can enroll their CITs without cost; in return, we ask them to be positive role models and help the Extended Day staff in fostering fun activities.

Students who age out of our Counselor-In-Training program become eligible for our Intern program!


Applying for the First Time

Interested candidates should email to Ruthie Allen, Summer Programs Coordinator, at ExtendedLearning@cfsnc.org, a:

  • letter of interest, including
    • reasons for your interest in this role
    • examples of a time when you've been a good follower and/or leader
    • your course preferences for CIT placement
  • brief resume, including
    • any school and/or other extracurricular activities
    • any babysitting and/or other experiences with children
    • any particular skills (from CPR to magic!)
    • any particular hobbies and/or other interests
    • your email address

Please have a parent create a new CampInTouch account or, if you were a student in a previous year, go to your account.

If you've never been a CIT or you're 12 and want to get a head start for next summer, please enroll in one of the Leadership Challenge sessions offered Week 1 and two other weeks each summer. In very rare circumstances, if you cannot attend one of the early leadership training weeks, you may still be considered as a CIT depending on your experience, but you will still need to take the Leadership Challenge later in the summer.

On the online enrollment form you must select at least two weeks to serve as a CIT. If a session is full and you end up on the Waitlist, please check back with us...summer plans do change and we may have openings.

Note for Parents: We'll confirm your student's CIT position via email after we receive the:

  • emailed resume and letter of interest
  • online enrollment and tuition

Returning as a CIT

If you've previously served as a CIT, you don't need to send a resume, but please do email Ruthie Allen, Summer Programs Coordinator, at ExtendedLearning@cfsnc.org another letter of interest explaining why you would like to repeat this experience. So, no resume, only a letter AND CampInTouch CIT registration for the weeks you'd like to serve.

We're so glad you want to return to CFS Summer Programs!

Thanks so much for your interest in the CFS Summer Programs Counselor-In-Training Program!


This is a wonderful opportunity for your students to try out their wings by learning how to explore requirements and expectations, apply for a position, and follow through. Thanks for giving them the information and then, except in unusual circumstances, letting them complete the steps above (and make general email or other inquiries of us). We're here to help!

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