A Pre-K to Grade 12 Independent Quaker Day School Serving the Greater Durham-Chapel Hill Area


What is an emergent curriculum?

Rather than a set list of topics and ways to explore them, our curriculum provides a framework to work toward developmentally appropriate goals in a way that lets students discover and articulate their interests. Building on the observational skills and guidance of our teachers, the students discern what is a passing fascination and what is a real spark of curiosity that they wish to pursue. Guided by that journey of discovery, no two classes are the same, but each student is assured the tools and ability to succeed in their next learning setting.

The advantage of flexible groupings

Each of our Early School campuses uses flexible groupings of students throughout the day. In larger groups, older students can rise to leadership roles while their younger peers can learn by their example. Smaller groups, or meetings, allow more focused work that is developmentally specific. In this way, students can be supported in learning with their direct peers while also allowing them an experience of the stage that they are growing into.

Taking children out together into the community is such an important part of our curriculum, and a way that we hope to serve the community—this allows children to be seen and heard! By sharing the strong potential of our children as learners and community members, we open people's eyes to the rights of all children. Sara Orphanides, Early School Teacher