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Board of Trustees Meeting Summaries

In an effort to keep the community informed about the work of the Board of Trustees, we publish executive summaries of the minutes from Board meetings. These summaries give a brief description of the items discussed and key decision points. Parents can read the full, approved minutes in the Center Building by speaking with Nancy McGilvary. We cannot make copies for distribution or send copies electronically. Please note that minutes from meetings must be approved by the full Board before public release. As a result, there is a lag time between when the meetings occur and when the minutes can be made available. This process ensures that there is time for any necessary corrections. When confidential information is discussed, Board meetings are conducted in "Executive Session," from which no public minutes are shared. Confidential matters might include personnel matters, matters relating to a particular student or students of the School, annual Head of School review, consideration of the annual budget, or any developing issue that might have legal or regulatory implications.


The Board of Trustees generally meets five times a year, and open meetings are listed on the All-School calendar. We invite families to attend board meetings, read these summaries and full board minutes, and email Karen Cumberbatch ( if there are additional questions about the work of the Board.