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Carolina Friends School

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Tuition & Affordability

Carolina Friends School has a long-standing commitment to the founding belief that every child is equally deserving of an inspiring and inclusive education.

Consistent with the values of our community, we have developed a tuition model designed to nurture the goal of creating both access and affordability in a sustainable way for our school.

Families who wish to be considered for a tuition level below the top of the tuition range need to submit their financial information for review and consideration to Clarity at the same time as submission of an enrollment application for admission. Adjusted tuition can then be calculated based on that family’s unique financial profile.

Information Sessions

In October 2024, Clarity will provide information sessions for families via Zoom. Stay tuned for dates and links!

Since 1962

Diversity in our community has been a driving factor


Even full tuition accounts for only 84% of educational costs

Your Family

Each family's contribution is determined individually

2024-25 Tuition Range By Unit

Early School 8:15 am-12:30 pm: $790 - $15,710
Early School 8:15 am-3:15 pm: $1,130 - $22,610
Early School 8:15 am-5:15 pm: $1,360 - $27,240
Lower School: $1,240 - $24,750
Middle School: $1,370 - $27,370
Upper School: $1,480 - $29,560

(The above ranges represent the minimum family contribution based on adjusted tuition qualification up to the contribution with no adjustments.)

Our child is having a profoundly good experience in all areas, and shares that with us freely, frequently and without provocation. Our family could not be happier with Carolina Friends School. We're grateful for all the school does to make this experience such a significant positive in our lives. Upper School Parent

Curious About Our Adjusted Tuition Program?

Learn more about our application process, how and when decisions are communicated, and more on our Frequently Asked Questions.

Apply with Less Stress

View a step by step guide for families from our secure adjusted tuition data partner.

Clarity Family Guide

Guía de Aplicación de Clarity Para Las Familias

Enrollment Application

See how the adjusted tuition data submission lines up with the rest of our enrollment timeline.

View Application Overview