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A Pre-K to Grade 12 Independent Quaker Day School Serving the Greater Durham-Chapel Hill Area

Building STEAM in the Upper School

Part of preparing our students for success beyond CFS means making sure that they are able to strive for and attain every opportunity during their time with our Upper School. In addition to the benefits we provide through our well-trained teaching staff, individual attention, and depth of course options, we also help our students find ways to challenge themselves outside our classrooms. 

There are two nationally recognized, competitive, state-wide summer academic programs that provide rich and meaningful experiences for students. One is Summer Ventures, a STEM program offered by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, with specialized coursework in areas such as robotics, aviation technology, forensics, and computational chemistry. Another is Governor’s School of North Carolina, a residential program integrating academic disciplines, the arts, and unique courses open to rising seniors only.

This past summer, five CFS students participated in these two programs. Below are some reflections from their experiences:

“CFS has given me the tools to be a successful researcher, strong writer, and independent worker. I really enjoyed Summer Ventures and I now want to minor in Mathematics in college. I am so glad that CFS brought this program to my attention.” — Devin

“My education at CFS prepared me to think in an abstract way, which was required in my Governor’s School classes. CFS also prepared me to think on a deeper level and work collaboratively with my peers. Knowing how to see connections between subjects really helped me in my classes.” — Ahrianna

“It was powerful to engage in passionate conversations — conversations where, despite differences of opinions, everyone listened and respected one another’s points of view. One of the best things about CFS is knowing that I will feel safe sharing my thoughts and opinions…I believe that this is an extremely important skill to have in the world beyond high school and college — communicating passionately about topics without judgment on the people around us, and thereby learning from such conversations.” — Madison

Katherine Scott is Communications Coordinator at CFS. She holds a B.A. in Graphic Design and Art History from Meredith College and an M.A. in Art History from Rutgers University. She came to CFS in 2016 from a communications and marketing career in higher education. In addition to graphic design and digital photography, Katherine is a consummate storyteller, always exploring new narrative forms, visually and otherwise. Her diverse experiences have provided her with expertise in strategic communications and project management. 

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