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We measure success by a student’s capability to go out and live a purpose-filled life.

Finding the right school for your child is a significant and meaningful decision. Our collective responsibility is to understand your child’s individual development, needs, and abilities in order to find the school setting where they can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

The admission process is designed to help us get to know each other. From your initial inquiry through your application for admission, we work as partners with you. We strive to illustrate what distinguishes our program and our community, and we hope to gain a solid understanding of what is important to you and to your child.

We carefully consider what information and materials will be most appropriate and helpful in providing us with an accurate profile of where your child is in their own, unique educational journey. 

While your application materials are both informative and essential, we want you to know that the most valuable (and joyful!) part of this process is the opportunity to get to know your child.

Should you have questions at any point, please contact us ( or 919 383-6602, ext. *221). We are truly excited about our work together. Let’s get started!

First-Round Admissions Timetable


Online Application Supporting Documents

Adjusted Tuition Data

Decision Notification By

Early School

Jan. 12

Jan. 17

Jan. 24

Feb. 25

Lower School

Jan. 26

Jan. 31

Feb. 4

Mar. 4

Middle School Feb. 1 Feb. 7 Feb. 10

Mar. 4

Upper School Feb. 1 Feb. 7

Feb. 10

Mar. 4

International Students

Carolina Friends School welcomes applications from international students who meet our criteria for Upper School admission. International applicants must complete the same admission process as all applicants for our Upper School which includes: an application, three years of transcripts, a math teacher recommendation, an English teacher recommendation, a writing sample, a Student Questionnaire and a Parent Questionnaire, a student visit and interview, and a parent visit and interview. If a student visit is not possible, after the rest of the application has been completed, we will consider arranging an online interview.

Additional Requirements

  • TOEFL: International students should take the TOEFL test to demonstrate that they are prepared for Upper School. We expect a score of at least 90 for students applying to the first year of Upper School and scores of at least 100 for older students.
  • I-20: To receive an I-20, an international student’s family must demonstrate the ability to pay tuition and living expense while at Carolina Friends School. Because of high demand for adjusted tuition, Carolina Friends School does not typically allocate adjusted tuition to international students.

Living arrangements 

We do not arrange home-stays and all international students must meet one of the following criteria relative to their living arrangements:

  1. The student must intend to live with immediate family who reside locally for the entire school year or
  2. The student must be referred to us by a family already affiliated with Carolina Friends School and this affiliated family must agree to serve as either the home-stay family or as back-up for another Carolina Friends School family who has agreed to be the primary home-stay.


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