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Affording CFS

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Since our founding in 1962, diversity in our community has been a driving factor, including socioeconomic diversity

What is my tuition?

Submit financial information at the same time as your admission application for adjusted tuition consideration

Even full tuition accounts for only 85% of the cost of a CFS education

Each family’s contribution to tuition is determined individually

2019-20 Tuition Range By Unit

Early School 8:15 am-12:30 pm: $640 – $ 12,880
Early School 8:15 am-3:15 pm: $930 – $18,520
Early School 8:15 am-5:15 pm: $1,110 – $22,260
Lower School: $1,000 – $20,000
Middle School: $1,110 – $22,250
Upper School: $1,190 – $23,750

Carolina Friends School has a long-standing commitment to the founding belief that every child is equally deserving of an inspiring and inclusive education.

Consistent with the values of our community, we have developed a tuition model designed to nurture the goal of creating both access and affordability in a sustainable way for our school.

CFS publishes a tuition range for each unit of the school. Families who wish to be considered for a tuition level below the top of the range submit their financial information for review and consideration to TADS. This data submission happens simultaneously with the submission of an application for admission. CFS then determines the family’s tuition level based on that family’s unique financial profile.

Any family who does not feel they can afford the full tuition amount is encouraged to complete the process to be considered for an adjusted tuition. A wide range of families with a variety of circumstances may qualify for a tuition level below the top range of CFS tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a family’s tuition calculated?

The CFS Tuition Committee takes great care to assess each family’s situation individually, looking at their entire financial profile. Many factors are reviewed and evaluated and include things such as assets, expenses, liabilities and debts, family size, and any unusual expenses. Since family circumstances vary widely, differences in financial circumstances other than income often result in families with similar incomes having different financial need.

Is my financial information confidential?

Yes, any financial information submitted to TADS is held in strict confidence. All decisions concerning tuition are confidential agreements between a family and Carolina Friends School and we request that details of these agreements not be discussed publicly to preserve that confidentiality.

When would I know what the amount of tuition would be?

When we notify an applicant that we are able to offer them admission, the admission decision notification also includes all details concerning tuition and expenses.

If the tuition amount is higher than I can afford, is there an appeal process?

In only very special circumstances can a family appeal for additional consideration of their application to have tuition adjusted. When there is additional financial information which would have an impact on a family’s financial profile, a formal, written appeal may be submitted through the Director of Enrollment.

Does applying for an adjusted tuition rate affect a candidate’s application for admission?

No, applications for admission are evaluated by the Admission Committee separately and on their own merit. An applicant’s financial situation is not discussed in admission deliberations.

Will all families who are eligible for an adjusted tuition rate receive it?

We steward our resources carefully to make a CFS education affordable to as many families as possible. However our capacity to provide adjusted tuition in a given year is limited. The School earmarks a generous yet finite amount of funds for supporting adjustments to tuition costs annually, but requests generally exceed available funds.

Do any families not contribute to tuition?

Every family invests in the work of the school through paying a portion of the tuition.

If a family doesn’t receive an adjusted tuition when initially applying for admission, can they apply for adjusted tuition in future years?

The School is happy to consider applications from returning families who have a significant change in their financial profile. Families who do not have an adjusted tuition rate during their initial year at CFS should not expect their tuition rate to be less in subsequent years unless they have experienced a significant change in circumstances; increased expenditures such as having an additional child in a tuition-paying school could qualify as a significant change in circumstances.

Does a family need to reapply to have their tuition rate assessed each year?

All families who wish to be considered for an adjusted tuition rate must apply each year. Given the same financial circumstances as in the prior year, a family can expect their contribution to remain proportionally the same.

Does CFS also offer merit based scholarships?

We do not offer merit based scholarships. All adjustments to tuition are based on the financial profile submitted through TADS.

What makes up the remainder of the funds toward the cost of a CFS education?

Additional revenue comes from some of our Extended Learning opportunities, as well as from the support of our greater community through Friends of Friends Annual Campaign and endowment support.

If I have additional questions about adjusted tuition, whom should I contact?

Please contact Nancy Hayes, Director of Enrollment (nhayes@cfsnc.org or 919.383.6602 x240). We welcome your questions and comments.