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Child moves to next rung of monkey bars

Learning and Living with Purpose

What makes you who you are? What has sparked a question, an exploration, and your curiosity lately? One thing I love about our community of truth-seekers is the richness of the questions we ask, of ourselves and of each other. 

Our educational program, continually informed by our ever-expanding knowledge of children’s intellectual, social-emotional, and physical development, is meant to reveal to our students their best, most aspirational selves. In recognizing their strengths and growing edges, students are empowered to work and grow with confidence and compassion.

I am constantly inspired by our children’s curiosity, joy, and constant search for solutions to problems in the world around them — whether that be joining a global climate strike or hosting a Town Hall with members of local government on issues specific to our local community. We believe that educational excellence can only thrive in an environment in service to others. 

Guided by the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, equality, and truth, the staff at Carolina Friends School are dynamic and talented educators who are passionate about their work and forge lasting relationships with students as co-creators of education.

Our beautiful, wooded 126-acre campus and two satellite Early School campuses provide safe spaces for outdoor exploration, for children to showcase their existing passions and discover new ones, and for finding balance. It is a place where they learn the skills necessary to thrive in a future that has not yet come to be, and where their souls are nourished. 

As I look from my window, I see hard work, deep-thinking, and love evident in every corner of campus. I hope you’ll come join us in reimagining what an education can be.

Karen Cumberbatch

Karen Cumberbatch

Karen Cumberbatch

Head of School