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Plan Goals

While our implementation plan for The Dream That Drives Us has been disrupted by adaptations to our program in order to meet the needs of our students and staff during the global pandemic, work on these initiatives has already begun, and we remain committed to our strategic goals.

A Beacon of Inclusion and Equity

In continuing our work toward becoming more representative of the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic realities of our greater community, we aim to set a new standard for inclusion and equity in independent schools.

Honoring the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each individual within a context of mutual respect and community connectedness are at the core of our Quaker values. Setting institutional goals and actively developing new relationships and means to achieve better diversity of students and staff will enrich our student experience and help our learning community better reflect the Triangle area.

For our children, participation in a diverse environment increases cultural awareness and proficiency and enhances both the capacity for dialogue across difference and the effective engagement in peaceful resolution of conflict — vital skills in our increasingly divided and discordant society. Formalizing our commitment to staff development and completing our work to review and refine our curriculum through the lens of culturally responsive practice and Quaker pedagogy will create an exceptional standard among our peers.

We will build on the successful outcomes of our adjusted tuition program by expanding our endowment support, further increasing the socio-economic diversity of our enrollment pool.

And finally, better defining and communicating how our mission and values are translated into a robust, challenging, and inspiring educational experience will enable us to reach diverse communities and empower community members to be better partners and advocates.

Action items:

  • Develop a set of specific, achievable goals in recruitment and retention of staff and students of diverse backgrounds
  • Support and fund additional professional development in equity education
  • Increasing staffing to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work
  • Increase endowment support for our adjusted tuition program
  • Create plans for enhanced revenue streams
  • Build community connections and partnerships to increase visibility and provide opportunity for revenue generation