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Carolina Friends School

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Plan Goals

While our implementation plan for The Dream That Drives Us has been disrupted by adaptations to our program in order to meet the needs of our students and staff during the global pandemic, work on these initiatives has already begun, and we remain committed to our strategic goals.

A Learning Environment for the Students of the Future, Now

A Learning Environment for the Students of the Future, Now

We will examine staffing, space, and resource needs to meet current and future opportunities in providing access to our education to families while ensuring our ability to create and nurture the relationships at the heart of our educational experience.

The Building Friends Campaign provided vital improvements to our learning environments, and it is now time to turn attention to our Upper School facilities. Guided by reflection from our teachers and students on our current spaces and our exploration of potential growth, we will develop plans for new construction to enrich our innovative and community-centered Upper School program.

Towards ensuring we can attract and retain the exceptional level of training and care in our educators and administrators, a compensation study will allow us to understand and meet the needs of a competitive marketplace.

Reflecting a greater need to serve our academically diverse students and provide support for increasing levels of anxiety and depression in today’s children, we will pursue additional training and staffing.

As technologies continue to evolve at a fast pace, providing teachers with further access to instructional technology through training, resources, and the support of integration specialists will additionally provide students with important skills and understandings necessary for their present and future while maintaining the integrity of relationship-based learning.

Action items:

  • Engage in a self-study with Upper School staff, supported by research on effective learning spaces
  • Develop new campus master plan and assess demand
  • Complete a compensation study
  • Expand student support resources in technology, learning needs, and counseling