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Carolina Friends School

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Plan Goals

While our implementation plan for The Dream That Drives Us has been disrupted by adaptations to our program in order to meet the needs of our students and staff during the global pandemic, work on these initiatives has already begun, and we remain committed to our strategic goals.

A Global Resource and Exemplar for Child-Centered Education

A Global Resource and Exemplar for Child-Centered Education

For five decades, Carolina Friends has pioneered and modeled educational practices that honor the authentic voice of children in their own learning, including supporting teaching professionals in honing their craft.

Our new institute for teaching and learning will enhance and illuminate these core strengths by gathering and growing existing initiatives in Extended Learning, Peaceful Schools NC, professional development, and global learning. The institute will also serve as an incubator for new signature educational programs.

This will make elements of our extraordinary educational approach more visible and accessible to other schools and organizations, provide new and deeper experiences for inquiry and leadership for our students and staff, and enhance revenue for the School. Our teachers will benefit from a support structure for the incubation of new ideas and initiatives and intercultural exchanges. Our current students and families will benefit from new opportunities for travel, learning, and leadership. The institute will also afford our alumni and other community members with new avenues for engagement.

Action items:

  • Enhance staff support for existing Extended Learning, Peaceful Schools NC, and professional development programs
  • Research and explore existing models for teaching and learning centers
  • Create a business and communications plan and launch a timeline for an institute for teaching and learning