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Carolina Friends School

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Strategic Vision

In late 2016, sparked by the need to create our next five-year strategic vision, our entire learning community began to imagine what it would mean to fully embrace Carolina Friends School’s potential to change the world.

Together we examined how our work reflects the mission of the school — where our mission is thriving, where it needs tending, and what our school would look like if that mission were stewarded into brilliant bloom for generations to come.

In the course of this reflection, a vision emerged of what our school could look like, both five years from now and as many as twenty, if we focused our hearts and minds to be:

Driven by the dream born when our founders set out on the grand experiment we call CFS, we are also ready to realize our current community’s dreams for the School’s enormous promise. We are deeply indebted to our founding families and supporters, who so courageously created a school built on two big ideas: that education could be a transformative experience that shapes the lives of students and that every child has a right to that promise.

As a purposefully integrated school, our pioneers faced real dangers to see that dream come to life. Equally radical were the teaching techniques, at the forefront of educational theory and practice, that recognized the value of each child and shaped the classroom experience to their unique strengths, interests, and needs.

Through Meeting The Challenge, our last strategic plan, and our Building Friends capital campaign, we have achieved many milestones on our School’s journey. These initiatives to which we have committed ourselves over the next five years will further position Carolina Friends School as a leader in progressive education.