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Holiday Interest Groups 2018
Holiday Interest Groups 2018

Interest Groups provide the opportunity for enrichment through student choice of fun, engaging experiences. Teachers, students, and parents share interesting skills and activities in multi-age groups. Children continue to learn how to make effective choices about their own education and strengthen community bonds through these experiences.

Our holiday Interest Groups in December included Felt Wall Hangings, Build It, Blast It (video clip in slideshow by Brandon), Holiday Baking, Winter and Holiday Read-Alouds and Crafts, our famous (fourth years only) Gingerbread House group, and our wonderful Website Wizards who made this story possible.

A big thank you goes to all of our parents and friends for giving so much of their time to make our Interest Groups so wonderful and varied! We really are a community working and learning together.

Also, special thanks to the members of the Website Wizards Interest Group who were responsible for the photographs in this post. Their hard work and dedication made this news story possible. And finally, a big thank you goes to Lissa Gotwals, a parent and published photographer, who shared her time and expertise with the Wizards.