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CFS teachers win two Bright Ideas Grants
CFS teachers win two Bright Ideas Grants

Each year, NC Electric Cooperatives sponsors educational grants for innovative projects in K-12 classrooms. The recipients of these Bright Ideas Education Grants are selected based on submitted proposals. Since 1994, more than $11.5 million have been distributed.

This year, two proposals from CFS have been selected for Bright Ideas Grants. Congratulations to Tommy Johnson, Jenni Scoggin, and Henry Walker! You can read more about their plans below.

Energy Monitoring Stations
Project Lead: Henry Walker, Middle School

This project aims to build awareness of energy consumption and the utility of renewable energy. The proposal includes purchasing monitors that will connect to photovoltaic panels already installed in various units around campus and displays that will give readings of the energy generated by the photovoltaics compared to the amount of energy consumed. These displays will not only be utilized as teaching tools, but also as serve our mission of responsible stewardship through an awareness and advocacy campaign.

Friends Beekeeper Project
Project Leads: Jenni Scoggin, Lower School and Tommy Johnson, Middle School

The Friends Beekeeper Project's goal is to bring bees to our campus for our students to care for and observe. In purchasing bees and a hive to house them, the project aims to provide our students with hands on experience of caring for bees, developing in them an appreciation for the important role honeybees play in our environment. Prior to the hive installation this spring, students will learn the basics about a honeybee hive, and practice a hive installation without the bees, aided by instructional materials and visits from local beekeepers. Once the hive is installed, teachers from the Lower School and Middle School science classes will take students to help with hive inspections and keep notes on hive observations.

Last year, Carolina Friends School (CFS) Lower School teacher Michael Bonsignore's project proposal for a chicken coop in the Lower School garden was selected for a grant. That then provided funds for the structure of the coop, built by Upper School students in Dylan Pendergrass's service class, as well as two hens. Lower School students have taken on their care during the school day, including checking for eggs, feeding them, and letting them out into the garden during recess.