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Science Day allows Middle Schoolers to explore new modes of inquiry
Science Day allows Middle Schoolers to explore new modes of inquiry

Our Middle School has many beloved traditions, new and old, and one of the most exciting is Science Day, an annual event organized by teacher Henry Walker.

The day kicked off with a keynote by Glenn Murphy, bestselling author of popular science books and articles for kids, teenagers and adults.

Students could then choose two among sixteen workshops led by special guests focused on a range of topics, including medical anesthesia, botany, genetics, biology, physics, chemistry, data science, and physiology. Students examined DNA samples, launched rockets, tried out their skills at ecolocation, examined unconscious bias, and much more.

After lunch, Duke Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences J. Bryan Sexton spoke about "The Science of Finding Hope and Awe."

Students broke into their Advisee Groups, groups of multi-age students who form a support for each other with their staff mentor throughout the year. Each Science Day, advisees are presented with a challenge, and this year the groups were tasked with creating an entire outfit (garment, bag, accessories) out of only recycled and found materials.

To cap the day, students were recognized for excellence in their science fair experiments, which were evaluated by an external panel.

While STEM is a key part of the Middle School curriculum, it is always exciting to see students experience new applications and modes of thinking!