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Carolina Friends School

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Carolina Friends School

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About Us

Carolina Friends School is a preK-12 co-ed day school inspired by Quaker values, committed to excellence in all we do. Every day, we empower our students to question the world around them, discover their passions, think deeply, and use their voices in service of the greater good.

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Learn with Purpose. Live with Purpose.

A scholarly community, we purposefully challenge students to explore meaningful questions and prepare them to excel in college and beyond. Find out about our application process and schedule a visit to our 126-acre campus.

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Learn With Purpose

Being a force for good and seeking a life of purpose are integral to a Carolina Friends School education. Inspired by Quaker values, we act ethically, resolve conflict peacefully, build community, and inspire each other to take action.

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Global & Experiential

We help children form deep relationships with their learning, their community, and their world.


Being a force for good and seeking a life of purpose are integral parts of our education. 

Sustainability & Stewardship

Deep respect is not just for individuals — it is for our world and the resources it holds.

Social & Emotional

Real growth comes from exploration and awareness of oneself and the support to excel.

Silence & Mindfulness

Reflection is built into our learning and our day, allowing us all to listen to our still, small voice inside.

Campus Voices

Tommy Noonan '01, Creator

A once reluctant dancer now uses choreography and performance to create community and build empathy.

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Mike Iskandar '97, Truth-Seeker

A journey of self-reflection launched a new career path for Mike, to help others recapture the hope and wonder of childhood.

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Layla Safi '25, Bridge-Builder

As a ninth grader, Layla saw an opportunity to support locally resettled refugees. Hear how her passion inspired the community.

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Chavi Koneru ’01, Advocate

Examining voter rights law through a literature course helped put Chavi on a path of social justice through law and community organization.

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