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To contact most staff by email, use the first initial of the first name followed by the last name and add @cfsnc.org. To communicate with teachers, please check with individuals about how they wish to be contacted. For information about admission, please contact the Admission staff (Kathleen Davidson and Kathy Krahenbuhl) and not head teachers.

Read "Spotlight on Staff" news stories and interviews (interviews denoted below by *) about the work and accomplishments of Carolina Friends School staff and "Raising Healthy Children" columns (denoted below by +) authored by staff and other CFS community members.

You can also read an article about the wide array of professional development opportunities pursued by CFS staff during the summer of 2011, from an on-campus workshop on teaching writing with the renowned Katie Wood Ray to two months traveling and studying in India and Nepal.

Early Schools

(individual bios)




Carly Chapman (Fall 2014 leave)
Libby Pittman Pendergrast*+
Gayle Rush (Fall 2014)
Williette Zigbuo-Vaagbay
Michelle Anderson
Cesanne Berry+
Stephanie Bradley (2013-2014)
Sara Orphanides* (2013-2014 leave)
Carmen Raynor+
Elliott Turnbull
Dawn Carney-Meriwether
Hallie Cherry
Barbara Conger+
Sue Caldwell Donaldson+
Debbie Kornegay


Lower School

(individual bios)





Dee Dudley-Mayfield
Ruth Gaskin
Charlie Layman+
Abby Obando
Natasha Shannon
Tom Shewey
Joan Walker*+
Linda Dixon
Mary Harwood
Laura Lamberson
Michael Bonsignore
Lisa Carboni+
Jenni Scoggin
Joanna Sisk-Purvis

Natasha Shannon  

Joanna Sisk-Purvis

Abby Obando

Resource Coordinator  
Kathy Schenley

Administrative Assistant
Lillemor Ross


Middle School

(individual bios)

Robert Bittle
Christel Greiner Butchart+ (2013-2014 leave)
Jamie Charles
Erica Davis
Mary Deborah Englund
Mig Little Hayes*

Francoise Heyden
David Ikenberry
Leon Ikenberry+
Tommy Johnson
Mallory Konell
Lisa Joyner+

Kathy Lucente
Anna Lynch+
Nancy Parsifal+
Kip Kuhn+
Kate Pendergrass+
Jim Rose

Joanna Sisk-Purvis
Amy Smoker
Ida Trisolini*+
Henry Walker+
Caitlin Wells



Upper School

(individual bios)

Tom Anderson 
Frances Brindle 
Tomeiko Carter
Peggy Craft 
Bob Druhan* 
Asiya Gusa

Judith Hawkes
Jonathan Henderson
Jamie Hysjulien
Rob LaVelle+
Jon Lepofsky*+


Bryce Little
Elise London+
Bradley McDevitt
Jonathan McGovern+
Ken Mitchell
Sherri Moore-Mott+

Dylan Pendergrast
Gustavo Sa
Amelia Shull+
Shan Wevill+
Randall Williams
Dave Worden

(individual bios)

Kai Barlow
Anthony L. Clay
Katie Collini
Kathleen Davidson+

Felicia Fleming
Mike Hanas+
Kathy Krahenbuhl

John Ladd
Nancy McGilvary
John McGovern

Renee Prillaman+
Laura Shmania
Rebecca Swartz

Dawn Douglass
Sharon Guillory+
Mig Little Hayes*
Jim Rose

Mary Harwood
Mig Little Hayes*
Justine Johnson


David Ikenberry
Dylan Pendergrast 
Terry Pendergrast

Athletics & Physical Education
Alex Gordon+
Jonathan McGovern+
After Hours Program

Cyrise Davis
Mary Deborah Englund


Annie Dwyer+

Summer Programs

Chris Firpo


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